Cleaning Services Farnborough & Camberley - Reviews


Over 80% of our customers come to us because someone has referred us to them.

“This man is an absolute genius! He got rid of some really nasty stains on our rented property’s carpets and saved us loads of money on our deposit!! We were really surprised when we looked at them after he had finished and reckon he must have a magic wand and some fairy dust hidden somewhere in his cleaning kit!!! Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Mr. Matt Green

“I had my carpet and house cleaned at end of tenancy. Thank you for the way you handled it. If you hand not done such a good job I don’t think I would have rented it out again so quickly. Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Lydia Ashworth

“Tomasz came and cleaned the carpets of our rented property and they were better than new, really impressed with his knowledge and his pride in his work. Very polite, very nice man and unbelievably reasonably priced too! I will use Tomasz again and would recommend him to anyone!”

Mrs. Sarah Dawber

“We had our carpets cleaned today by Cleanerski and we are so happy with the results. He got rid off some big stains from all over the carpet. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thank you for your service.”

Mrs. Chloe Evans